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Bosch Season 5 2019

Season five picks up fifteen months after Bosch has finally brought his mother?s killer to justice, and he now finds himself seeking the truth on two fronts. New evidence in an old case leaves everyone wondering whether Bosch crossed the line by planting evidence. Simultaneously, a murder at a Hollywood pharmacy exposes a sophisticated opioid pill mill, and Bosch?s search for the killers takes him down a dark and perilous path.

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▶️ EPISODE 01  -Two Kinds of Truth

▶️ EPISODE 02  -Pill Shills

▶️ EPISODE 03  -The Last Scrip

▶️ EPISODE 04  -Raise the Dead

▶️ EPISODE 05  -Tunnel Vision

▶️ EPISODE 06  -The Space Between the Stars

▶️ EPISODE 07  -The Wisdom of the Desert

▶️ EPISODE 08  -Salvation Mountain

▶️ EPISODE 09  -Hold Back the Night

▶️ EPISODE 10  -Creep Signed His Kill