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South Park Full Season 21

The twenty-first season of the American animated sitcom South Park premiered on Comedy Central on September 13, 2017, and contains ten episodes.[1] This season had planned “dark weeks” (weeks during which no new episodes would air) after episode three, episode six, and episode eight.[1] The season lampooned many events and cultural institutions such as the Trump administration, the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Netflix, and the MCU.

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Episode 01 – White People Renovating Houses

Episode 02 – Put It Down

Episode 03 – Holiday Special

Episode 04 – Franchise Prequel

Episode 05 – Hummels & Heroin

Episode 06 – Sons a Witches

Episode 07 – Doubling Down

Episode 08 – Moss Piglets

Episode 09 – Super Hard PCness

Episode 10 – Splatty Tomato