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The Hollow 2018


Adam, Kai, and Mira are three teenagers who awaken in a room with no memories of themselves or each other; the only clue to their identities are their names written on small slips of paper in their pockets. After emerging from an underground bunker they find themselves in a deep forest and venture forth to discover who they are and how to get home

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To play the video, close 2 pop-up windows then press the play button.


EPISODE 01 – “The Room”  

EPISODE 02 – “The Desert”  

EPISODE 03 – “Apocalypse”  

EPISODE 04 – “The Lighthouse”  

EPISODE 05 – “Ishibo”   

EPISODE 06 – “Undead”  

EPISODE 07 – “The Riddle”  

EPISODE 08 – “Ice”  

EPISODE 09 – “Cocoon”  

EPISODE 10 – “Colrath”