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2 Broke Girls Season 6 2016

At the beginning of the sixth season of the comedy series, Max (Kat Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behrs) have to juggle two jobs: They’re still working at the diner, despite now being part owners; and they’re also putting the final touches on their newly renovated dessert bar. As their business flourishes, the two girls and their friends also have to deal with relationships, family and personal issues: Sophie (Jennifer Coolidge) goes into labor on the dessert bar’s opening day, thwarting Max and Caroline’s plans; Oleg (Jonathan Kite) stands up to his domineering mother, Olga (guest star Mercedes Ruehl), who arrives from Ukraine just in time for the baby’s baptism; Han (Matthew Moy) practices magic tricks with help from Earl (Garrett Morris); Max and Randy (Ed Quinn) try to make their long-distance relationship work; and Caroline may finally find her true love. The core of the season remains the friendship between Max and Caroline, who manage to keep supporting each other even through all the hard times.

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▶️ EPISODE 01  – And the Two Openings (Part One)

▶️ EPISODE 02  – And the Two Openings (Part Two) 

▶️ EPISODE 03  – And the 80’s Movie

▶️ EPISODE 04  – And the Godmama Drama

▶️ EPISODE 05  – And the College Experience

▶️ EPISODE 06  – And the Rom-Commie

▶️ EPISODE 07  – And the Sophie Doll

▶️ EPISODE 08  – And the Duck Stamp

▶️ EPISODE 09  – And the About FaceTime

▶️ EPISODE 10  – And the Himmicane

▶️ EPISODE 11  – And the Planes, Fingers and Automobiles

▶️ EPISODE 12  – And the Riverboat Runs Through It

▶️ EPISODE 13  – And the Stalking Dead

▶️ EPISODE 14  – And the Emergency Contractor

▶️ EPISODE 15  – And the Turtle Sense

▶️ EPISODE 16  – And the Tease Time

▶️ EPISODE 17  – And the Jessica Shmessica

▶️ EPISODE 18  – And the Dad Day Afternoon

▶️ EPISODE 19  – And the Baby and Other Things

▶️ EPISODE 20  – And the Alley-Oops

▶️ EPISODE 21  – And the Rock Me on the Dais

▶️ EPISODE 22  – And 2 Broke Girls: The Movie